The Cave is set up to accommodate the most demanding tracking session. We offer 1 large live room, and 4 isolation rooms. Each room offers excellent sight-lines, allowing musicians to capture the perfect, live-take. Do you need a place to record, but would prefer to use your own engineer or producer? We welcome all outside engineers and producers. We can be totally hands on with your project, or behind the scenes, offering assistance, when you need it. 



Once all recording has been completed, we are available for editing and mixing. We offer a hybrid set-up of analog and digital gear. The studio is equipped with a large selection of outboard gear, and software plug-ins, allowing us to mix large-scale productions. Are you a mix engineer or producer in need of a mixing facility? We welcome all mix projects, regardless if we recorded them or not. 



The Cave offers full-production packages. Andrew Hooker and his team can help with every step of the recording process. Our many years of experience, allows us to logistically layout a production plan that serves your artistic vision, and maximizes your budget. 

Our Production Services Include: 

  • Pre-Production - includes arranging and charting songs
  • Studio Musicians - we know and work with the best in Nashville 
  • Session Time Management - layout a realistic time-frame, so budgets and goals are met 
  • Objective Ears - we help artist make decisions on performance, arrangements,...
  •  Mixing - finalizing the song, so it's ready for mastering and radio 
  • Creating a Vibe - providing a space that's comfortable and helps the artist create