Street Talk

"As someone who’s been working in Nashville as a producer for more than 20 years, I’ve done a lot of sessions in a lot of different studios, and I can whole-heartedly recommend The Cave. Excellent equipment, great atmosphere. Owner/engineer Andrew Hooker not only has the technical side of his craft down (both recording and mixing), but as a musician himself, he always has a good feel for the musical side of the project. In addition, he’s very easy to work with. I’ve always been 100% satisfied with my sessions at The Cave, and continue to work at the studio."

Steve Haggard (Producer/Wild Oats Records) Nashville,TN

"Great studio and a very beautiful setting to track your music, I highly recommend this studio, and its owner for its world class accommodations and professionalism .. I do look forward to returning, and tracking many more songs throughout the years to come!! Thank you again for joining us in our progress and being a part of our art."

Darrin Breil (Pop/Rock Arist), Detroit, MI

"The Cave has been my best recording experience. Not only is the equipment top notch and the overall vibe of the place perfect, I had spiritual occurrences jamming out to songs late into the morning. It was like a thousand souls were all listening to every note I played, and I just floated through the motions. I will never forget that and hope to be back very soon!"

Dallas Barr/Covert Operations (Rock Arist) - Detroit, MI

"If you're looking for a great studio to record in Nashville, The Cave Studios is definitely a place to check out. Top notch equipment, cool environment, and a great guy - Andrew - behind the mixing desk. Recorded one of my songs for my debut album there. We laid down very clean recorded tracks, and we did a great mix afterwards. Andrew is a cool, laid back guy yet serious about what he does. If you're looking for some studio time in Nashville, definitely check out The Cave Studios"

Gregg Giarelis (Blues Artist) - Athens, Greece

"You will not meet a better person and producer than Andrew Hooker.  As a comedian with very little musical talent, I wrote a half dozen humorous songs, and wanted to try recording them with my cousin who is a mandolin player.  I called around to different recording studios, and explained my plight that I have never worked in a studio or even with a band for that matter.  Most did not want to deal with me.   Andrew did. Andrew was very excited and encouraging to me, and helped put together the studio musicians for me.  I had a lot of doubt, and I was feeling very insecure in the presence of such talented people. But Andrew was always encouraging, upbeat and helped with ideas and directions my songs should take. He actually made the CD, not only as producer and engineer, but as a musician playing a variety of instruments.  He made everything fun and we had a lot of laughs making the cd, but it is his vision of what a song can be is what really sets him apart. As far as The Cave itself, it is incredible!  From the wonderful location deep in the woods to the cutting edge technology to the layout of the studio, everything is first class.  And the pricing is actually lower than most other studios and I enjoyed that. I highly recommend Andrew Hooker and The Cave Studios if you want your project to be a creative work of art that youʼll be proud to share with others."

Tim Steed & Steve Owen (Comedian) - Nashville, TN

"My first experience with The Cave was in 2009, The Cave Studios is one of the most serine and awesome places I have ever had the pleasure of working. Endless deep forest for as far as the eye can see.Streaming creeks and sounds of flowing water fill the air.....And all that is just what I observed while taking a smoke break! Ha. There's also a gentle giant and of course, An amazing place and a great engineer. I was there for a week working 12-16 hours a day, and it was honestly the best blend of natures endless beauty fused with modern day technology and good vibes. This is the place to go for inspiration.The Cave will influence creativity for any true artist. I have since returned for one more session, and twice just to say hello...That's impressive considering I live 7 hours away. Thanks Andrew, Much Love"

 C.C. Winchester (Rock Artist) - St. Louis, MO.

"Recording at The Cave was such a wonderful experience. We thoroughly enjoyed the ease of recording with such a beautiful scenic area surrounding us. The engineer, Andrew, was so easy to work with and enthusiastic. Overall, it was a marvelous experience." 

-Caroline & Hannah Melby (Country & Bluegrass Artist) - Nashville, TN

"I spent one month in 2010 recording my second album through Wild Oats Records at The Cave Studios. The quality of the production was fantastic, helped by one fantastic guy running the board, top class musicians, and all of this set in over 30 acres of woodland on the outskirts of Nashville...... Would most definitely recommend recording at The Cave.... Working with Andrew Hooker and his great crew...."

Michael Jay Cresswell (Singer-Songwriter/Pop/Rock) -  Le Mans, France